Blood Don’t Lie

I was happy to be able to shoot a video for Pretty Mouth.  It was cool to work with some different people on this.  it was edited by Amanda Meyer

Prettymouth Blood Don’t Lie Music Video from Amanda Meyer on Vimeo.

New FS700

Recently I picked up an FS700.  So of course i needed to mess with the slow motion features.  This is just a super quick one night test.  So fun.

Summer 2013

So far the summer has been great.  There is still plenty of sunshine and visuals to create.  So far this summer I have been fortunate to shoot and edit a video for Condorcam in the Hamptons for Redbull Airforce.  I also Drove The cable cam for Condorcam At Red Rocks for a few Concerts Including Darius Rucker.

I am currently working on shooting a Volkswagon bus restoration project for American Spirits Tobacco.  This Documentation started in May and will hopefully wrap up By September.

Electra finally saw the release of the BLKHRTS video for “Pure Pitch Black”.  This video was finished on new years eve and just released.  I am really excited it came out!  You can find this video on my Music video Page!

Photography has jumped up a bit this summer for a few automotive and Music clients.  Check out the photo page.

I was able to shoot some video on the new Andy Thomas Dustheart video with Adam Reynolds Directing.  I think it turned out great..  Check it out on the video page.

Check back in, Updates will become weekly.




I had the chance to shoot the NASCAR K&N series in Colorado. The Speed network crew was awesome to work with!


X Games/Ford Racing

I was fortunate to spend a week In Los Angeles Shooting the Xgames for Ford Racing Team.  It was an awesome experience.  I have spent the past two X Games working With Subaru Rally Team USA.  This was a change of pace..Great time..

DCM Clothing Photo Shoot

Today we will be working with DCM Clothing on a photo shoot for their new designs.  This will be a fun day.  I am excited to show what we can do on the photo side.   Examples will be posted on the site as soon as we get them done!


Preproduction has begun on the new blkhrts video titled “Pure Pitch Black”. Stay tuned!


King Foe video “FOE” check it!!


We finished shooting the King Foe video titled “FOE” on Sunday.  the edit is now under way.  Stay tuned for the release later this week.  Until the vid comes out.  Take a look at the BLKHRTS site for the track.

King FOE

Sunday will be the day to start shooting the newest King FOE video. Looking forward to pulling off the dark goth feel to accompany this extremely talented artist. Gonna be fun. Stay tuned!